Why "Adventures in HD Repair"?



Why make a "Adventures in HD Repair" section...


We do a lot of support... of mechanical issues. Adding to the boss's ambivalence, the software we make and support is rarely the issue people call about. It tends to be more like "Hey, this bike is broken, why?" or "I've been stuck on this problem for 4 days and I need new ideas".  It's not really why we have a support team or what we offer, but we find that we learn a lot from engaging these issues and THAT helps us improve our products, knowledge, and relationships.


So for a long time now, I have considered posting some of the experiences we have had. Partly in pursuit of catharsis, but also as an opportunity to share experience. There seems to be a huge lack of source material out there about how HDs work and why. This definitely fosters some sympathy in me.


I can't promise much, as this section of posts is entirely an experiment. Never-the-less, I will aim to post about odd HD failures, the solutions that solved the problem, and some of the thoughts that got us there. Unless it was a guess. I'll, for sure, tell you if it was just a lucky guess... maybe.



Chad @ TechnoResearch


  • Thanks Matt!
    I hope people find value in it. I’m not too concerned with screening out the non-techs. I honestly don’t think they’d find it that interesting. Kind of like when uncle bill starts talking about his train collection…

  • This is a great idea! That should be for just actual license techs. Kind of like Identafix for cars but just for Harley-Davidson.

    Matthew Varanese

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