Direct Link for 2021

Hey All!


Did you know we have Direct Link compatibility with 2021 HD models? It has been available to all dealers for a few months now...

HD changed their data port along with the ECU, but you just need the new cable to link up with your current hardware (ie VCM-TR4). 


There are plenty in stock!


The engineers here were on the ball with getting out a functioning product. We know a lot of people have been struggling with the bigger builds that the "recommended" product can't get right or doesn't support. While there is a ton of new stuff in this ECU, we were able to deliver what we needed to safely calibrate these new bikes for everything from stock 107s to 131 monster builds.

 2021 Selection options

After seeing the results you folks have been putting out for the last few months, we've been really impressed! Impressed with both the professionals and the ECU. A lot of new shops are trying the TechnoResearch tech out and, with new faces (voices), some fresh perspective! Speaking of results, we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to send us links to charts and the build that made them (bragging allowed!):


Stay safe out there! Thanks for reading!

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