Centurion Pro Licensing (+2 or more years)

Centurion Pro Licensing (+2 or more years)

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Before buying a license, please review this page:
Updating Licensing

VERY IMPORTANT - 2021 models require a new cable, which you can purchase here. The cable is not included in the licensing transaction. 

After payment, you will automatically receive an email containing the unique license code. The email containing the code will arrive shortly after an order confirmation email.

This code will update your Centurion Super Pro License to be compatible with the highest model year available at the time of purchase (currently 2021). 

Example: Updating a 2015 Centurion Super Pro license to work with 2021 models

The highest possible model year currently available is 2021. You can NOT pre-purchase years.  

 Price updated 1/12/2021