+2 year License for Centurion Audio Product ONLY

+2 year License for Centurion Audio Product ONLY

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NOTE: If you not yet used the Audio tool and it is new, do NOT purchase a license. It is likely you only need to REGISTER for it to be functional. In the software:

  1. Click "License!" Dropdown
  2. Click "Update License"
  3. Fill out the form
  4. Submit

Update your Centurion Audio license to work with the 2020 HD radios!

Each +2 year license purchased will add TWO model year to your current license.

ie If you have the 2017 license and purchase a +2 year license, this will permit connection and features on 2019 motorcycles.

The highest possible model year currently available is 2020. You can NOT pre-purchase years.

After successful payment is received, TechnoResearch may need to contact you to complete the license update.  Please review all contact information to ensure accuracy.  

9.11.2019 - 2020 Functionality is available. Restart your software and the Centurion will automatically download the latest version.