Centurion Super Pro License Update: Add +1 Model-Year (CAN NOT EXCEED 2024MY) - SUPERONE

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This license update is for existing Centurion Super Pro users with a license that is ONE model-year out of date (ie 2023 model-year coverage needing 2024). If you are more than ONE model year out of date, please consider the MAX update found here.

Open the Centurion software with your hardware connected. At the top, on the title bar, the license state should be visible. You can refresh and confirm this license by clicking the "License!" dropdown and "Check/Update License button".

If the license is 2023 and shows "Centurion Super Pro", this is the correct license. If the license shows that it is 2022 or older, or denotes a different Centurion Product, this is NOT the correct license.

After payment, you will automatically receive an email containing the unique license code. The email containing the code will arrive shortly after an order confirmation email.

This code will add 1 model-year of coverage to your current Centurion Super Pro License.

The highest Model-Year coverage available is 2024MY. (updated 3/20/2024)

Example: The purchase would result in updating a Centurion Super Pro 2017MY license to work with 2018 models, but not 2019 models.

March 2024

  • 2024 Softail Standard
  • 2024 Heritage Classic 114
  • 2024 Lowrider ST
  • 2024 Freewheeler
  • 2024 Tri Glide Ultra
  • 2024 Road Glide 3
  • 2024 Road Glide Limited
  • 2024 Road King Special
  • 2024 Breakout 117
  • 2024 Low Rider S
  • 2024 Fatboy 114
  • 2024 Streetbob 114

There are many benifits that can be summarized into three catergories:

  • Tech Support
  • Up-to-date coverage
  • Continued use of features requiring cloud connectivity

Yes, there is a restocking fee for licenses. The fee is 20%. If you are unsure what license you need, call or email us BEFORE you purchase!


VERY IMPORTANT - 2021+ models require a new cable, which you can purchase here. The cable is not included in the licensing transaction. 

 Does not support 2023 CVO Street Glide And Road Glide.